Advent Freebie: Help Your Children Focus on Jesus this December

December can be chaotic, even in a typical year. In 2020, I have a greater-than-usual desire to help my family focus on what really matters. I crave the peace and joy that can be so tangible at this time of year, especially when we place Jesus at the center of our Christmas preparations.

One practical way to focus on Jesus in this season is to intentionally build traditions that create space for God to grow bigger in our hearts and families. With that in mind, I want to share a few ideas that we will be using in our home this year.

There is a five-minute, kid-friendly activity for each day until Christmas, along with a list of materials needed. (You probably have most things laying around the house, but anything that might need to be purchased should be inexpensive and easy to find.) Feel free to take what I have created and make it your own! Add, change and rearrange to fit your family’s needs. Below, you will find:

  • ideas for making an advent calendar to count down the days until Christmas (This is a good place to start.)
  • Bible verses to focus on (You will write these out and put them in a prominent place. One will be recited at the beginning of each devotional.)
  • for December 1st -20th, object lessons that help kids understand 20 Bible truths about who God is (Each devotional starts with one of the focus scriptures and ends with a big idea to say out loud.)
  • for December 21st -25th, five Christmas messages from the nativity and the story of Jesus’ birth (Each devotional starts with a portion of the Christmas story and ends with a big idea to say out loud.)
  • instructions for how to put everything together (Simply scroll through this post in the order it is written.)
  • a complete list of materials needed (See the master list at the bottom of this post. You can collect the items all at once or wait until the day they are needed.)

Advent Calendar

An advent calendar helps countdown to Christmas, generating excitement and turning the focus toward the day of Jesus’ birth. This was our calendar last year. We used white poster board and sharpies to create a box for every day leading up to Christmas. After we finished our devotional each day, the kids got a small candy cane, which had been taped to the calendar in advance. After the candy canes were removed, we marked off that day on the calendar. You could use another type of candy or treat if you wish, and there are more ideas for a cute advent calendar here. No matter, what your calendar looks like, the idea is to build expectancy and continue emphasizing the celebration of Jesus’ birth. TIP: For the second day on your calendar, use a treat that is special in some way (example: a larger candy cane). This will help with the devotional for day 2.

Before Day 1: Make your advent calendar, including one candy cane per child for each day until Christmas. Next, fill an empty box with some of the materials from the object lessons list (see the bottom of this post), and place it in an area that would be hard for an adult to get to but very easy for a child to reach (example: under a bed). Finally, write Isaiah 9:6 on paper or a whiteboard, and place it in a location where it will be seen often. (This verse will stay on the whiteboard for the first 10 days.)

“For a child is born to us, a son is given to us. The government will rest on his shoulders. And he will be called: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”–Isaiah 9:6 (NLT)

Day 1 Devotional: God Sent Jesus as a Child [Materials: box that contains a few items that will be used in later devotionals; Hide it in a place that a child can reach more easily than an adult.] (Refer to your whiteboard, and have children say Isaiah 9:6 aloud, repeating the words after you. Say it in short chunks, especially at first.) READ: God sent Jesus to the world as a little baby. Jesus could have come as a tall, strong soldier or as a king with lots of money and power, but instead he came as a child. This shows us that God doesn’t always do things the way people think He should. His ways are always good and sometimes surprising! God loves children, and He thinks kids are important. Sometimes, a child is the best person for the job! I have a job that a kid can do much better than an adult. (Send one of your kids to get the box that you have hidden. Emphasize how hard it would be for you to get the box, but that a child is just the right size. Tell children that the box holds items that will help them to learn more about Jesus during the countdown to Christmas.) SAY: God sent Jesus as a child, because children are important to God and can do great things!

Day 2 Devotional: God Sent His Only Son [Materials: advent calendar with special treat taped to day 2] (Refer to your whiteboard, and have children say Isaiah 9:6 aloud, repeating the words after you.) READ: When God, sent Jesus to us as a little baby, He was sending His only Son. Even though God was sending Jesus to save the whole world, it must have been hard for Him to give the gift of His one and only Son. Look at our countdown calendar. There are lots of days with little candy canes, but only one day with a big candy cane. What if I asked you to give one of your candy canes away? Would it be easier to give a small one or a big one? (Allow children to answer.) SAY: When God sent His only Son Jesus, He gave us His very best gift.

Day 3 Devotional: God Sent Jesus to be in Charge [Materials: a crown–You can purchase a toy crown or make one like this.] (Practice saying Isaiah 9:6.) READ: Our verse says, “the government will rest on his shoulders.” That means that Jesus was born to be a ruler. He is known as the “King of all Kings,” and God wants Jesus to be in charge. When we love God, we can show it by letting Jesus be in charge of our lives. Instead of doing things our own way, we can choose to do things His way. It is easy to know what Jesus wants us to do, because the Bible is like His instruction book for us. He also uses parents to help us learn what is right and wrong. Let’s play a game of follow the leader to remind us what it is like to follow Jesus as our leader and king. In our game, the person who is wearing the crown will get to be the leader. (Play follow the leader, letting each child have a turn with the crown.) SAY: God sent Jesus to be in charge, and I can let Him be the King of my life.

Day 4 Devotional: Jesus is wonderful! [Materials: a pencil, clear tape, white paper] (Practice saying Isaiah 9:6.) READ: Our verse calls Jesus wonderful. We use the word wonderful so much that we may have forgotten what it actually means. Wonderful means “full of wonder.” It is a word that we can use to describe something amazing that makes us stop and say, “Wow!” For example, did you know that when you sneeze, you are blowing air out of your nose at about 100 miles per hour? That is faster than a cheetah can run! Did you know that there are as many water molecules in 10 drops of water as there are stars in the known universe? That’s amazing! That is wonderful! Jesus is so much more wonderful than sneeze or a water droplet! Did you know that of all of the people that have ever lived, no one has the same fingerprint as you? Let’s compare our fingerprints. (Use a pencil, clear tape and white paper to compare each person’s fingerprint. Get step-by-step instructions here.) SAY: Jesus is wonderful!

Day 5 Devotional: Jesus is my Counselor [Materials: a board game you have on hand that has instructions; Pick one that children are not familiar with.] (Practice saying Isaiah 9:6.) READ: A counselor is someone who gives good and wise advice. Jesus is the best counselor, and we can trust Him to show us what to do. On our own we don’t always know what to do, but we can ask Jesus for help. (Show children a board game that they are unfamiliar with, and ask them to tell you how to play. Then, pull out the instructions. Emphasize that Jesus can help us do what is good and right, just like the instructions can help us play the game the right way.) SAY: Jesus is my wise Counselor. He helps me to know what to do.

Day 6 Devotional: Jesus is Mighty! [Materials: paper, tape, Kleenex box] (Practice saying Isaiah 9:6.) READ: We sometimes face problems that make us feel weak, but the Bible tells us that our God is mighty! This means that He is strong enough to handle anything that we may face in life. Because Jesus is strong and mighty, we can trust Him to take care of us, even when things look bad. (Use white paper, tape, and a Kleenex box to demonstrate how God is strong enough, even when we feel weak. Click here and scroll down to #6 for step-by-step instructions.) SAY: Jesus is mighty! He is always strong enough!

Day 7 Devotional: There is no one Like God [Materials: a handful of random objects that can be easily sorted by shape, color or size] (Practice saying Isaiah 9:6.) READ: Jesus is God. What does that mean? There is only one God, and there is no one bigger or stronger or higher or better than He is! No one and nothing even comes close to God! Let me show you what I mean. (Place several random objects in front of children, and ask them to sort them. For younger children, tell them how to sort [by size, color, or shape, etc.]. Let older children decide the criteria for sorting. After children have sorted the objects, discuss how there is no category for God. There is no one like Him. He is in a category all by Himself!) SAY: There is no one like God!

Day 8 Devotional: Our God is Everlasting [Materials: the alphabet written out (for younger kids) OR a tape measure (for older kids)] (Practice saying Isaiah 9:6.) READ: Everlasting is a word that means forever. You are (child’s age) years old and have been in this world for that many years, but God has ALWAYS BEEN and will ALWAYS BE. That is hard to understand, but I have something that might help us think about how God is everlasting:
–(Option 1 for younger children: show the alphabet and ask them to identify the first letter in the alphabet, pointing at “A”. Ask, “What letter comes before “A”?” Explain that just like there is no letter before “A”, there was no one and nothing before God, since God has always been. Have children help you identify the last letter in the alphabet, and then say, “What letter comes after “Z”? Explain that just like there is no letter after “Z”, there will be no one and nothing after God, since He will always be.)
–(Option 2 for older children: show a tape measure and ask kids to tell you the age of the oldest person they know. Imagine with them that this person’s lifetime is represented by just one inch on the tape measure. Then, unroll the tape measure completely. Discuss the length of the entire tape measure vs. a single inch.. Ask kids to imagine that the tape measure could extend all the way down the block and into a nearby town. What if it could reach across your state or even around the whole world? This would still not be long enough to compare our short lives to the fact that God is everlasting!)
SAY: God is everlasting!

Day 9 Devotional: God is the Best Father [Materials: two balloons (filled with air and tied), some masking tape, a permanent marker, and a push pin or safety pin] (Practice saying Isaiah 9:6.) READ: The Bible tells us that God is our Father. Let’s close our eyes and picture the word father. I bet that other kids, and adults too, might see a much different picture when they close their eyes, because there are lots of different kinds of families and many different kinds of fathers. Some people might have hearts that are hurting because of a father. Even really good fathers sometimes mess up, but God is is the perfect and BEST Father. His love is forever, and He will always be there to protect and care for us. Let me show you what I mean. (Write “My Heart” on one of the balloons. Discuss how the balloon represents our hearts and the push pin represents hurtful or scary things that sometimes happen in life. Poke the balloon, allow it to pop, and let the children react. Then, repeat the activity with the second balloon. This time, though, place a piece of masking tape on the balloon and label it, “God’s Love”. Poke the balloon through the masking tape, and it won’t pop! Talk about how God is our Father, and His love protects our hearts.) ( SAY: God is the BEST Father, and His love protects my heart!)

Day 10 Devotional: Jesus is our Prince of Peace [Materials: a drinking glass that is transparent, a small tub or bowl of water, a paper towel] (Practice saying Isaiah 9:6.) READ: Do you remember a few days ago when we played follow the leader and wore a crown to remind ourselves that God sent Jesus to be in charge? When the Bible calls Jesus “prince” that is another way of saying that He is in charge. Not only is Jesus our King, He is also our Prince of Peace. This means that no matter what may happen in our lives, we can be calm and have peace on the inside because of Jesus. Let me show you what I mean. (Crumble a dry paper towel, and set it in the bottom of the drinking glass. If the paper towel doesn’t feel secure in the bottom of the glass, add more paper towels until they stay, even if the cup is turned upside down. Turn the glass upside down into the tub of water. Bring it out and show children that the paper towel is still dry. Explain that just like the paper towel stayed dry, even though it was surrounded by water, we can have peace in Jesus, even if everything around us seems hard.) SAY: Jesus is my Peace, even when life gets hard!

Before Days 11-16: Change the verse on the whiteboard each day to correspond with the devotional. (As an alternative, you could look the verse up together in a print or digital Bible.)

“In the beginning the Word already existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God. He existed in the beginning with God.”–John 1:1-2 (NLT)

Day 11 Devotional: Jesus is the Word [Materials: white paper, a q-tip, a lemon, a lamp; *Before starting, mix lemon juice with a few drops of water. Dip the q-tip into the mixture, and write, “Jesus is the Word.” Let the message dry until it is invisible. *It can take awhile for this type of invisible message to appear. As an alternative, try this using baking soda, water and grape juice.] (Say John 1:1-2 together.) READ: Our verse today calls Jesus the Word. When we read the Bible we can know that we are reading God’s words. When Jesus came to earth, the things He said were God’s words. Many of the things Jesus said were written down in the Bible so that we can know God better. If we want to know what God is like, we should read our Bible to see what Jesus was like. Jesus only did what God wanted Him to do. If we want to know what God says about something, we should read the Bible to see what Jesus said. Jesus only said what God wanted Him to say. Jesus is the Word, sent from God to show us God’s heart. Even though we can’t see God, we can know Him because of Jesus the Word. Let me show you what I mean. (Hold the white paper up to show the kids that it is blank. Next, hold the page up next to a lamp (or paint over it with grape juice if you chose the alternative method) until the message appears. Talk about how the invisible message was there, even though we couldn’t see it. God is there, even when we can’t see Him, and Jesus is the Word sent to help us know God more.) SAY: Jesus is the Word sent to show us what God is like.

“God created everything through him, and nothing was created except through him. The Word gave life to everything that was created, and his life brought light to everyone.”–John 1:3-4 (NLT)

Day 12 Devotional: God is the Creator of Life [Materials: tin foil] (Say John 1:3-4 together.) READ: God is a creator. He makes things! (Ask children what kinds of things they like to make.) God is THE Creator, because He made EVERYTHING! He made green grass and the blue sky and snowy, white mountains. When God made you, He didn’t want to make you green like a tree or blue like the sky. Instead, He decided to make you look like himself! Let me show you what I mean. (Help each child to mold a piece of foil to their face, pulling it away gently to reveal the imprint of their features. Talk about how we are not God, but we do look like Him–just like the foil is not our actual face, but it does look like us. In this way, God made us to look like Him so that we can help show the world what He is like.) SAY: God is the Creator, and He made me to look like Him!

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.”–John 1:5 (NLT)

Day 13 Devotional: Jesus is the Light! [Materials: flashlight, candle] (Say John 1:5 together.) READ: Jesus came into a very dark world and brought light! The Bible calls Him the Light of the World. We are also called the light of the world if Jesus lives inside of us. When we are in the dark or feel scared, we don’t have to be afraid, because Jesus is light. (Take turns holding a flashlight in a dark room and making shadow creatures against an empty wall. Then, light a candle, and show children that the flame doesn’t cast a shadow. This reminds us that darkness is no match for Jesus, the Light of the World.) SAY: Jesus is LIGHT, and He lights up the darkness!

“God sent a man, John the Baptist, to tell about the light so that everyone might believe because of his testimony. John himself was not the light; he was simply a witness to tell about the light.”–John 1:6-8

Day 14 Devotional: Jesus is the Light we Reflect [Materials: mirror + lamp; This lesson would be best after dark and in the darkest room in the house. Before starting, turn a lamp on, but hide it behind a barrier. Also, leave the main lights in the room on until later in the lesson.] (Say John 1:6-8 together.) READ: John the Baptist was Jesus’ cousin, and he had the job of telling people about Jesus. John made sure everyone knew that Jesus was more important than he was. He wanted people to look at Jesus instead of looking at him. This is because John knew that the light that the world needs comes only from Jesus! John couldn’t give light, but Jesus could! So, John told people about Jesus the Light. He was like a mirror. (Hold up the mirror for kids to see.) We can be like John and help people see Jesus’ light. Let me show you what I mean. (Turn off all of the main lights. The lamp behind the barrier should be on but hidden from direct view. Hold up the mirror, and discuss how we can’t see anything in it, since the room is so dark. Then, angle the mirror toward the lamp behind the barrier until the mirror begins to reflect the light from the lamp. Talk about how we are like the mirror in that we cannot give light on our own. We need a light source to reflect, and Jesus is that Light Source.)SAY: Jesus is LIGHT, and we can reflect His light!

“The one who is the true light, who gives light to everyone, was coming into the world. He came into the very world he created, but the world didn’t recognize him. He came to his own people, and even they rejected him.”–John 1:9-11

Day 15 Devotional: Jesus was rejected. [Materials: a dollar bill or gold dollar (one for each child) inside a crumpled up brown paper bag; a pretty gift bag with nothing inside *Don’t let the kids shake the bags.] SAY: I have two bags here. You can only open one. Which one would you like to open? (Most likely, children will choose the pretty bag, but even if they don’t, the lesson will make the needed point.) (Say John 1:9-11 together.) READ: Many people who met or heard about Jesus when He was on earth rejected Him. This means that they did not believe in Him or want Him in their lives. Some of these people chose to give all of their time and attention to other people or things instead of Jesus. Maybe they wanted to focus on friends instead of Jesus or whatever seemed more fun at the time. They had a choice between Jesus and something else, and they chose something else, because it looked better to them. These people may not have realized it, but by choosing other things instead of Jesus, they were missing out on the best gift ever! Tomorrow, we will find out what is inside the other bag. SAY: Jesus is rejected by some, because they don’t recognize Him.

“But to all who believed him and accepted him, he gave the right to become children of God. They are reborn–not with physical birth resulting from human passion or plan, but a birth that comes from God.”–John 1:12-13

Day 16 Devotional: Jesus was accepted. [Materials: *Bring out the same materials as yesterday: a dollar bill or gold dollar (one for each child) inside a crumpled up brown paper bag; a pretty gift bag with nothing inside *Don’t let the kids shake the bags.] SAY: Today, we will open the bag that we didn’t open yesterday. (Talk about how the crumpled brown bag wasn’t the prettiest, but it held the best gift. The other bag looked nicer, but it held nothing.) (Say John 1:12-13 together.) READ: Sometimes what looks like the best isn’t actually the best. Lots of things in the world might look better than Jesus. People chase hard after friends, fun, and other things they think are better than Jesus. But when we actually get the things we thought were more important than Jesus, we’ll find they hold nothing at all–like a beautiful but empty gift bag. Just like the brown paper bag, living for Jesus doesn’t always look fancy, but the gift we find in Jesus is better than anything else in the world. SAY: When we realize that Jesus is the best gift and accept Him, we get to be children of God!

Before day 17, write John 1:14 on your whiteboard. (This verse will be used through day 20.)

“So the Word became human and made his home among us. He was full of unfailing love and faithfulness. And we have seen his glory, the glory of the Father’s one and only Son.”–John 1:14

Day 17 Devotional: Jesus became human. [Materials: a jar of bugs, worms or fish (Fake critters or even a drawing or image would work.)] READ: Our verse today says that the Word (Jesus) became human and made His home among us. Why do you think He did that? (Allow children to answer. Then bring out the jar, and take turns “talking” to the critters and asking them question. Talk about how it is hard to talk to the critters, since they don’t really understand what we are saying.) READ: If we really wanted the critters to know and understand us, we would have to become like them and go into the jar where they are. This is what Jesus did when He left Heaven to come down into our world and be with us. He became human and came to be with us where we are so that we can know and understand Him. SAY: Jesus became human so I can know Him better.

Day 18 Devotional: Jesus is full of love. [Materials:  a plastic jar of honey and a pair of scissors] READ:  Jesus is full of love, and His love never fails. His love never changes, and it never gives up. The Bible says that God IS love. If we could see God, we would see love. When Jesus was here on earth, people saw His love. We can still feel and experience His love today. Look at this jar of honey. What is inside? (Let children answer. Then, throw the jar of honey on the ground. Cut into it with the scissors. Make a big deal out of stomping and poking into the jar, asking along the way, “What is in the jar now?” Discuss how God’s love is like the honey in the jar–no matter what happens, it never changes or fails.) SAY: Jesus is full of love, and His love never changes or fails.

Day 19 Devotional: Jesus is faithful. [Materials:  none, but you’ll need to wake up early to watch the sunrise or be outside to watch it set in the evening] READ: When the Bible tells us that Jesus is faithful, it means that we can count on Him. We can trust Jesus, no matter what. He will always be who He says He is. He will always do what He says He will do. If we read something in God’s Word, we can know for sure that it is true. (Point to the sun, and talk about how it rises and sets each day.) We never question whether the sun is going to be there tomorrow when we wake up. We just know it is, because the sun always comes up in the morning. God made the sun and causes it to rise and set every day. We can trust that He is faithful. SAY: Jesus is faithful, and I can count on Him!

Day 20 Devotional: Jesus is glorious. [Materials:  none, but you may need to do this one when you’re going to be in the car] READ:  When the Bible says that we have seen Jesus’ glory, it means that we recognize how wonderful He is. God’s glory is more beautiful and amazing than anything else in the world. Think of your favorite princess or superhero. What is wonderful about them? (Allow children to answer and then discuss how Jesus is much more wonderful and glorious than that!) We can celebrate God’s glory by worshipping him and by telling others how amazing He is! (Consider singing “O Come All Ye Faithful,” “Joy to the World” or another worshipful Christmas song.) I want to show you something to help us remember about Jesus’ glory. (Drive to a water tower, windmill, or other tall structure. When you first begin to see it in the distance, ask children how tall they think it is. When you arrive at the structure, get out and let them see how tall it actually is. Talk about how God’s glory is always more incredible than we think.) SAY: Jesus is glorious, and we can celebrate His glory!

*Before day 21, set out the stable or manger part of the nativity, but do not include the pieces for Mary, Joseph, Jesus, etc. (As an alternative, you could draw the stable part of the nativity and an empty manger.) Each day, you will add a person to the nativity after you read his or her story. For the remainder of the devotionals, the verses will be too long to write out. You can just read them aloud from the Bible together.

Day 21 Devotional: Mary [Materials:  Nativity Set (Mary)] READ: Luke 1:26 – 38 (Place the Mary figurine into the nativity scene.) REPEAT VS. 27 OUT LOUD: “For the word of God will never fail.” SAY: Mary’s story reminds us that God’s word will never fail! PRAY: “God, help us to believe that You can do impossible things.

Day 22 Devotional: Joseph [Materials:  Nativity Set (Joseph)] READ: Matthew 1:18-24 (Place the Joseph figurine into the nativity scene.) REPEAT VS. 23b: “She will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel, which means ‘God is with us.'” SAY: Joseph’s story reminds us that Jesus came to save us! PRAY: “God, thank you for sending Jesus to save us and be with us forever.

Day 23 Devotional: Baby Jesus [Materials:  Nativity Set (Baby Jesus)] READ: Luke 2:1-7 (Place the baby Jesus figurine into the nativity scene.) REPEAT VS. 7: “She gave birth to her firstborn son. She wrapped him snugly in strips of cloths and laid him in a manger, because there was no lodging available for them.” SAY: The stable reminds us to make room for Jesus in our lives. PRAY: “God, we want to make more room for Jesus in our family.”

Day 24 Devotional: Shepherds [Materials:  Nativity Set (Shepherd or sheep)] READ: Luke 2:8-20 (Place the Shepherd figurine into the nativity scene.) REPEAT VS 17: “After seeing him, the shepherds told everyone what had happened and what the angel had said to them about this child.” SAY: The shepherds’ story reminds us that we should tell others the good news about Jesus. PRAY: “God, please give us hearts that are ready to share the good news about Jesus.”

Day 25 Devotional: Wise Men [Materials:  Nativity Set (Wise men)] READ: Matthew 2:1-12 (Place the Wise men figurines into the nativity scene.) REPEAT VS. 11: “They entered the house and saw the child with his mother, Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped him. Then they opened their treasure chests and gave him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.” SAY: The wise men’s story reminds us to worship Jesus and bring Him our bests gifts. PRAY: “God, we give your our worship today, because you deserve the best gifts.”

Materials for Advent Calendar & Focus Scriptures

  • paper or poster board to make an advent calendar
  • markers
  • small candy canes (You will need 24 for each child participating. I usually buy a few extra, in case some get broken.)
  • large candy canes (You will need one for each child participating.) *NEEDED FOR DAY 2 DEVOTIONAL
  • clear tape
  • something to write the Bible verses on (I use a small dry-erase board.)

Materials for Object Lessons (Day 1-20)

  • a box large enough to fit the items on this list [DAY 1]
  • large candy canes (one per child) taped to advent calendar [DAY 2]
  • a crown (You can buy one or make a paper one like this.) [DAY 3]
  • a pencil [DAY 4]
  • white paper [DAY 4]
  • clear tape [DAY 4]
  • any board game with instructions (Use one you have on hand that your kids don’t already know how to play.) [DAY 5]
  • a box of tissue/Kleenex [DAY 6]
  • tape [DAY 6]
  • white paper [DAY 6]
  • Small, random objects that could be sorted by size, shape or color [DAY 7]
  • the alphabet written out (alternate option: a tape measure) [DAY 8]
  • a balloon [DAY 9]
  • masking tape [DAY 9]
  • A push pin or safety pin [DAY 9]
  • a clear drinking glass [DAY 10]
  • paper towels [DAY 10]
  • a small tub or bowl of water [DAY 10]
  • lemon juice (alternate option: baking soda, water, and grape juice) [DAY 11]
  • white paper [DAY 11]
  • Q-Tips [DAY 11]
  • a lamp [DAY 11]
  • foil [DAY 12]
  • a flashlight [DAY 13]
  • a candle and lighter or match [DAY 13]
  • a lamp [DAY 14]
  • a small mirror [DAY 14]
  • a brown paper bag [DAY 15 & 16]
  • a Christmas themed gift bag {DAY 15 & 16]
  • a gold dollar or dollar bill (one for each child participating) [DAY 15 & 16]
  • live insects, worms or fish (and a jar or bowl to temporarily house them) [DAY 17]
  • a plastic bottle of honey [DAY 18]
  • scissors [DAY 18]

Materials for Nativity (Day 21-25)

  • a nativity set that includes Mary, Joseph, a shepherd, a king/wise man, and baby Jesus (Alternatively, you can print or make one like this.)

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